Administration help

Managing your personal account

To change your personal account information click your name in the upper right corner. Click next to the user name. Here you may change your user name, your password (minimum is eight characters) as well as your e-mail address. Orange represents a mandatory entry field.

Change of address can be made without notifying the prometheus office. You may cancel the newsletter at any time by clicking the appropriate checkbox and you can enter a short text about yourself that will be shown to others on your profile page.

Expiration of a personal account

The validity period of personal accounts is limited. Four weeks prior to expiration you will be notified by e-mail. If you wish to extend your account please inform the administrator.


Accounts for the prometheus image archive can have different roles and authorizations.

Enables one to log in with user name and password from any computer. Provides access to additional features compared to the campus login, such as creating image collections.
Enables one to administer personal accounts for an institution. See Instructions for administrators for more information.
Enables one to administer databases, such as editing their public description and viewing their image ratings. See Information for data suppliers for more information.