Sidebar help

On the left side of your screen next to your working window you can find your personal sidebar. This function is only offered to personal accounts. After having added objects to the sidebar, the sidebar enables quick and direct access to current working objects as images, collections and presentations.

Single objects are displayed as boxes that you can collapse and expand. The sidebar remains constant irrespective of the function you are using at the moment.

Store images from search results

When you found an image that you want to open quickly after your next login without starting a new query, add a shortcut of it to your sidebar as follows: Alongside every image in your result list as well as in the full records you find the button Add_to_sidebar. By clicking the button Store you can add the selected image to your sidebar. Box01

Store collection or presentation

Having opened the desired collection or presentation from your list, you find the button Add_to_sidebar in the header right next to the title. By clicking this button you add a shortcut of the respective collection or presentation to your sidebar for quick access. Box02

Working with boxes in your sidebar

Objects in your sidebar are stored as boxes and labeled by single titles. Icons on the start of the header characterize the box's content:

Icon_box_image Content of the box is a single image.

Icon_box_collection Content of the box is a collection.

Icon_box_presentation Content of the box is a presentation.

Beneath the header you can see the content of the respective box. For example you can view all images of the collection in small size and browse in it. Box03

By clicking Box_collapse you zoom out and reduce the box to its header. Box04

With Box_expand you zoom in again.

By "drag&drop" you can change the boxes' order in your sidebar.

You receive quick access via Box_open. Hereby you open the required collection, presentation or full screen view of the image for working functions. Box05

If you want to remove an object from your sidebar, click Box_close and the respective box will be deleted from your sidebar. Of course collections and presentations are still saved in your personal list.