Results help

Located above of the list of results is the search interface containing the current search query as well as the list of selected databases. You can easily customize your search by fine-tuning or changing it.

Viewing and sorting options of the results

Results from the search can be sorted by using the following criteria:

  • Relevance
  • Artist
  • Title
  • Location
  • Credits
  • Database name


Furthermore, the results can be shown either as a list List with the essential metadata of the image or in the gallery Gallery mode. Results02 Results03

You can specify the number of data sets to be displayed per page. A drop down menu allows you to move to an arbitrary page of the results list. Results04 Results05

If you are looking for a particular artist from your search results list, you only need to click the artist's name in the results list and it is automatically searched for.

The buttons that are located in the field alongside the images specify different functions:

  • "Tick" selection of collection
  • Store Store image in collection, presentation or sidebar
  • Plus View full record (with extensive metadata)
  • Plusplus Large size image for saving the image to your hard disk
  • Download Download image and metadata
  • Externlink Link to image in database
  • Publish_prometheus Information about copyright and publishing possibilities

You have the option to save the selected images to a collection. For detailed instructions on creating a collection refer to "Collection".