Presentation help

Selecting images

For your presentation, select images by ticking the appropriate checkbox . Now you can save the selected images to an existing presentation or create a new one.

Creating a new presentation

To create a new presentation click the button "Store images in ..." and press the button "New presentation". Presentation01

Now you can give your presentation a title including a description and add keywords.


You are giving a lecture on Old Dutch painting. You have several options on creating a presentation:

Title:Rogier van der Weyden
Description:Lecture on Old Dutch painting
Keywords:1400-1464, Altar, Crucifixion

Title:Hans Memling
Description:Lecture on Old Dutch painting
Keywords:1433-1494, Altar, Bruges


In doing so, presentations of various artists can be allocated to a particular lecture and linked by using keywords.

Example: You are using the keyword "Altar". The search results show the presentations of Rogier van der Weyden and Hans Memling.

Furthermore you have the opportunity to select a thumbnail that appears in the list of presentations and decide whether the presentation shall be "Private", or publicly "Readable" or "Writable".

After saving the images, the new presentation opens automatically. Presentation03

All images are displayed on one slide. On this slide the position of the images can be chosen freely. Blank slides can be added before or after the current slide with the light grey place holder. Presentation04

Now the images can be arranged on several slides.

On the right you can find the following tools: Drag changes position in the order of slides, Delete deletes images from the presentation, and Text inserts a text box into the slide.

Editing images in the presentation

Logo_meta-image Many of the following functions were developed within the DFG project Meta-Image. » View screencasts

If you move the cursor over the item, your tools are available directly on the image.

On the upper left corner you can move the image with Drag inside one or among different slides. In the upper right corner the button Delete deletes the image from the slide. By pulling the image on the lower left corner Resize_handle, you can change its size. Presentation05

When moving the cursor over the image you can select details. Presentation06 Presentation07 The selection can be copied by double clicking on it. The copied detail can be moved to another slide and edited on its own. Presentation08


Below the slides you have the opportunity to add comments. Inside the presentation you can find all the descriptions and information made when creating the presentation in the "details". Here you can also change or add further information and find the "last changes".

Theoretically the slides can hold an unlimited number of images. However, be aware that projection is typically limited to up to 3 landscape formats and 4 portrait formats.

When quitting the presentation changes are saved automatically.

Managing the presentation

With a current presentation the submenu offers the following work areas:

  • Own: All presentations you saved or copied for your own.
  • Shared: All presentations that others have shared with you.
  • Public: All presentations that have been published to either be reviewed or edited by every user of prometheus.
  • Create a new presentation


Functions for working with presentations

The icons next to the heading of the open presentation lead to different functions for working with the presentation.

Add_to_sidebar stores the presentation in the sidebar.

Download downloads the presentation to your computer.

Export exports the presentation as PDF.

Icon_run_presentation runs the presentation.

Fork copies the presentation.

Edit editing the heading of the presentation (Title, Description, Thumbnail, Public access).

Delete deletes the entire presentation.